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Fort LaMotte Rangers
Palestine, Illinois
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Fort LaMotte Days
                                  ...the Battle of Africa Point

April 25-26, 2009

Pioneer Encampment
Live Shooting
Piankeshaw Encampment
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at Ft. LaMotte
(under construction)
Leaverton Park / Pioneer City Arena
Palestine, Illinois Territory

invite extended by
Ft. LaMotte Rangers

$5/car/day entrance fee to event
[onsite campground available]


Militiamen & Native American Re-enactors
to join the Ft. LaMotte Rangers in the
April 25-26, 2009

Vendors Welcome

Fort LaMotte reconstruction

Leonard 618.544.2990, Jim 618.544.7734,
Charlie 618.544.7570, Greg 618.544.4488,
Rob 618.586.2493, JD 618.586.2036

Please check back for updates.

Battle of Africa Point
as related by Mr. Leonard Collum

April 18, 1813

"During the time of ‘forting up’ at Palestine, Isaac Brimberry and Thomas Kennedy went up to 'Africa's Point,’ as it was called on the Wabash River to procure some timber. They discovered some Indian sign and returned to Ft. LaMotte and reported to the inhabitants. A squad of men was sent out with the timber party to look after them. They divided into two parties, one going in advance and the other acting as a reserve corps. On approaching the area where the signs had been seen, they observed a number of Indian canoes pulled upon shore out of the water. Instead of consolidating their numbers and proceeding with caution, the foremost party continued on fully exposed and was soon fired upon by the savages.

Lathrop, Price and Daniel Eaton were killed and Job Eaton and John Waldrop were wounded, but succeeded in escaping and making their way back to the fort.

The 'rear guard,’ upon hearing the sound of rifle fire, instead of going to the assistance of their comrades 'fell back in good order’ and returned to the fort, conscious that discretion was the better part of valor - such was the battle of Africa Point."


Fort LaMotte

Spring 2009

At the present time the Ft. LaMotte Rangers are in the process of building a stockade wall and blockhouse near the former site of the original fort. The two-story blockhouse is nearly completed and the stockade and a one-story cabin within the enclosure also near completion.

The Ft. LaMotte Rangers would like to take this opportunity to invite you to view our structures in Leaverton Park in Palestine, Illinois. We have construction days every Saturday with usual hours from 7:00 a.m. until noon and muzzleloader shoots normally every 3rd. Sunday in the early afternoon.


Here is quick glimpse of some of the activities and participants in the 2009
Fort LaMotte Days
... the Battle of Africa Point

Watch for the actual schedule to be posted soon.

A special feature of this year's event is "Native Hearts" Native American encampment by the Piankeshaws that will set up an authentic Native American camp and demonstrate Native American crafts.

Friday is SCHOOL DAY. Please contact us for details and scheduling information

"The Old Man" trader tent

"Wind River Traders"

Betty Lawhead demonstrating pioneer textiles (Sunday only) "Quaker Lane" traders tent Anna Kinerey, a rug weaver

"Bear Claw" trading tent for guns and cannons

"Stump Bluff Traders" copperware trader

"McCannon Creations" trader in tin ware and red ware pottery

Rolly Holt will be the flint knapper

We will also have a blacksmith on site

Also coming will be Chris Voster's popcorn and Shirley's Rootbeer

There will be a variety of food and drink available and an area with games for kids.

Bill Catt - Grubby's Woodworking. Makers of 18th-19th century clothing

Music will be provided by Polly Sherridan - fiddle player, Big Creek Band

Kyilindi Pipes and Drums from Mt. Carmel, IL will perform on Saturday only.

Adam Moraga will be the event Crier, will put on a medicine show and sell sassafras.

Richard Day from Vincennes will give a talk Saturday and Sunday on forts and blockhouse and the War of 1812 in the Wabash Valley.

The recreation of the Battle of Africa Point will be held on Saturday and Sunday.

There will be demonstrations of canon firing during the days.

This event covers the period from 1750 to 1840 with people in period dress spanning the period including the British, American regular military, U.S. Rangers, Buckskinners and settlers.

The Central Wabash Archaeological Society will have a display in the fort compound showing artifacts from the French and Indian period to War of 1812 that have been found at sites in the area.

Rick Kelsheimer will also have a book signing in the fort compound for his new historical fiction book on the trader LaMotte.

There will also be a military camp set up where people can see how soldiers and the volunteer militia lived at the time.

Talks on the history of Fort LaMotte at the blockhouse and tours of the reconstruction under construction.

The Fort LaMotte Rangers will also host a live shoot for both flintlock and percussion at the site from 1:00 to 4:00 Saturday only.

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More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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